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Hayleigh Garner

Hayleigh Garner, Reporter

Hayleigh Garner, 8th, has a shy, quiet personality, keeps to herself, and is nice to everyone.

One of Hayleigh’s best strengths is dedication.

“I’m loyal to one thing and don’t give up on it,” Hayleigh said

Hayleigh loves farm animals and would describe herself as “country.”

“I ride horses, barrel race, and rope cows,” Hayleigh said.

A flaw Hayleigh would like to eliminate is being anxious.

“I constantly overthink and believe my overthinking,” Hayleigh said.

Hayleigh’s all-time favorite movie is Up.

“It reminds me of my relationship with my grandpa before he passed,” Hayleigh said.

Skydiving is on Hayleigh’s Bucket List.

“I’m not scared of heights, and it sounds fun,” Hayleigh said.

If Hayleigh could be any animal, she would be a Highland cow.

“They're so pretty and not really aggressive unless they need to be,” Hayleigh said.

One place Hayleigh loved living was Atlanta, Georgia.

“I lived right by the ocean, and it seemed like Heaven,” Hayleigh said. “You got wonderful sunsets.”

Hayleigh’s best travel experience was on her way home from a softball game in Atlanta.

“We got food a lot, and I basically got a sleepover with my friends in a vehicle,” Hayleigh said.

Seeing Hayleigh at Northside for dance tryouts is her favorite memory of Hayleigh.
“If we both made it, we could both be on the same team,” Marely said.

Trinity Dunn's first impression of Hayleigh was that she was a little weird.

“Everytime I would look up she would be looking at me, but everyone's a little weird,” Trinity said.

Trinity thinks Hayleigh is trustworthy and loyal.

“These traits are important for a friend,” Trinity said.

Marely Diaz Fernadez's first impression of Hayleigh was that she had an attitude.

“I also expected her to be rude to me if I talked to her,” Marely said.

Once she got to know Hayleigh better, Marely believes Hayleigh is a good listener, caring, and funny.

“She always listens to me and is always in a good mood,” Marely said.

Profile written by Sophia Halleran

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Hayleigh Garner