The Edgar Haircut Trend


The helmet-shaped Edgar haircut is basically a no maintenance, fluffy, edgy style trend causing girls to swoon. Guys who want to look this way can feel better about themselves because the haircut may give them a chance of securing a girlfriend.

One theory of how the trend started is that a fan of baseball player Edgar Martinez had Edgar’s image shaved into his hair.
According to Olivia Moore (writer for the “You Probably Need a Haircut” website), the style originated in Mexico, where it’s also known as the Takuache [Spanish for “possum”]. Plus, it’s also a nickname for young Mexican men who love pickup trucks and sport the Edgar cut.

The trend comes with controversy because some guys prefer to not get the haircut, or they decide to share their hateful opinions with others who already have the style. Others find the Edgar insensitive because the tight, straight bangs look just like the style worn by the men of the Jumano tribe who lived mainly in Texas, New Mexico, and Mexico between 1500 and 1700.

Those who have the Edgar haircut are impacted because now they can actually have a chance of getting a girlfriend. Therefore, the haircut is doing most people a favor, but some think others should stop with the haircut because it has become overrated.