Boys Enjoy Successful Basketball Season

Nikes screeched against the court as the Basketball boys screened their opponents to block them from getting through. The scoreboard lit up, and the Raiders finished out their season as City Championship Runner Up.

Joshue Saravia believed that good practices made the team have a successful season.

“Those practices led us to winning those games,”Joshue said. “Ramsey was our most challenging opponent because of their size and ability to shoot the ball well.”

Ky’Rell Black mentioned his teammates’ shared goal to win.

“We got to the game but came up two points short,” Ky’Rell said.

Jayden Thomas felt that the trust the boys had in each other led to success.

“We didn’t give up on something that we desperately wanted,” Jayden said.

Jayden listed Grimsley as the most challenging opponent.

“They were a lot bigger and stronger,” Jayden said.

Trey Vargeson believed that the team’s chemistry and how they overcame things others led to their success. As for obstacles, Trey referred to the game against Lincoln.

“We had two starters foul out, so we had to overcome that,” Trey said. “I hit my first in-game three against Lincoln, which was a surreal moment for me.”

Monterius Hunt and Jessie Williams gave credit to Ky’Rell and Jasier Posey.

“Ky’Rell knows how to move the ball, and Jaseir knocked down all his 3 when he was open and knew when to shoot the ball,” Jessie said.

Malakai Willis respected how the boys kept each other motivated.

“We showed each other love on the court,” Malakai said.

Other than difficulties, the boys had favorite moments, such as the City Championship game.

“We played 100% the whole game, and they just did the same,” O’Mauri Hill said. “It was the most competitive game we had.”

Darwin Jones liked getting to start.

“That was surprising,” Darwin said.

Trennie Mays enjoyed the practices.

“We just had fun on the court with teammates who wanted to win,” Trennie said.

Zech Gardner remembered the bus rides.

“They were always fun because we snuck food, joked with each other, and threw backpacks,” Zech said.

Beating Darby is what Ky’Rell liked most.

“They are our rivals and winning that game punched us a ticket to the championship,” Ky’Rell said.

Coach Cash valued how hard his athletes played and how they never gave up.

“It shows character and mental toughness,” Coach Cash said.