Netflix Series Review: 13 Reasons Why

Netflix Series Review: 13 Reasons Why

The Netflix series 13 Reasons Why, based on Jay Asher’s novel, is about the aftermath of 17-year-old Hannah Baker’s suicide. After moving to a new city, Hannah had tried her best to make friends. Although that may seem easy enough, Hannah couldn’t take all the horrible things her high school classmates did to her.

Audiences can relate to the plot because there are many teens who have to change schools because of their parents’ jobs, financial issues, or bullying. Teens may connect with Hannah Baker but know they are not alone. 13 Reasons Why could show them that there are so many people who would miss them if they chose suicide.

The actors in this series play their roles perfectly. Their facial expressions say more than their words! Each episode focuses on a different tape that Hannah left behind as clues to why she ended her life. The directors did an amazing job with the lighting. For example, the scenes when Hannah was still alive feel bright and happy. However, in the scenes after her death, the lighting changes to dull, dreary, and dark to set a sad mood since Hannah was gone. This contrast in lighting creates a non-stop emotional roller coaster.

Rating: A+

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