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Elizabeth Gonzalez

Elizabeth Gonzalez, reporter

Elizabeth Gonzalez, 9th, is a quiet, smart, nice person with a really brave heart.  In fact, she did something that will leave people speechless.

"I rescued my sister from a fire because I did not want her to die," Elizabeth said.

Someone who has inspired Elizabeth is her dad.

"My dad told me "Knowledge is the key to life,'" Elizabeth said.

Elizabeth also cherishes her friends, and they seem to feel the same.

"Elizabeth means a lot to me we are like sisters but not related," Bebe Anaya, 9th, said.  "She's very special to me and someone I'll never forget."

Friends since they met in elementary school, Bebe and Elizabeth experienced funny moments together.

"One day we were on the swing set, and it broke," Bebe said.

Verenise Perez, 9th, is another of Elizabeth's good friends.

"Elizabeth means the word friendship to me because she is there for me through thick and thin," Verenise said.

Written by Berenice Garcia


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Elizabeth Gonzalez