A Season for Gratitude

As you walk down the street you notice the weather getting colder. The day quickly turns into night as families walk together down the street. Houses are decorated with brightly-colored lights. The heat radiating from the lights makes you warm inside. The holiday season is finally here which means one thing, gratitude.

During this holiday season, students reflected on what they appreciate most.

“I am grateful for my friends and family because they are always there for me.” Jaime Mejia, 9th, said. “I love them to death.”

To get students ready for the season of gratitude, Ms. Mullin, Ms. Ferguson, and Mrs. Larkin created Gratitude Trees in their classrooms. Students thought about what they complain about and then flipped their attitudes to show gratitude instead.

“I saw the idea online and wanted to inspire my kids to focus on what is good and positive in life,” Ms. Mullin said. “Brisa Salas helped cut out the colorful Fall leaves and students in every class volunteered to write messages on leaves and ‘build’ the Gratitude Tree.”

In addition to feeling thankful at school, students also valued family during the Thanksgiving break.

“My favorite part of Thanksgiving was spending time with my family,” Jacob Phavixay, 8th, said. “It was my favorite because usually I barely see some of my family.”

While on break, students made new memories.

“I enjoyed getting to stay up all night and playing board games with loved ones and just getting to be in each other’s company,” America Cruz, 9th, said.

Others favored the food more.

“My favorite part was seeing all the food, such a big selection I had!” Natalie Estrada, 7th, said.

Some of the students spent their Thanksgiving a bit differently than others.

“I got to spend my Thanksgiving break with my family supporting my aunt at the hospital,” Stephany Iturriaga, 8th, said. “I really loved seeing her smile.”