Real Encounter Excites and Educates

Waiting anxiously, students sat in the bleachers and watched to see if the motor bike would make it over the row of teachers lying on the gym floor. Muffled whispers were heard as the Real Encounter Outreach rider gained speed for the jump. The whispers quickly turned into cheering as the bike suddenly stopped inches from the first teacher.

On September 30th, the students had the opportunity to interact with the members of Real Encounter Outreach, a group of professional BMX and Motocross riders who entertain kids with their profession but also give advice.

“What I liked best was when Brandon did the trick over seven people,” Unique Taylor, 9th, said. “The trick was really cool and fun to watch.”

The tension could be felt all around.

“It was amazing and nerve wracking,” Vince Phet, 7th said. “I felt bad for the ones lying down.”

The crowd enjoyed seeing teachers actively participate in the assembly.

“Seeing the teachers’ reactions when the biker went over them was priceless,” David Hramer, 9th, said.

Real Encounter Outreach founder Brad Bennett encouraged students to take a better path in life, and think about how the choices made today can affect people later in life.

“The most valuable advice Real Encounter gave was when they said that sitting around on the couch and eating chips will not help you reach your goals,” Joseph Dominguez, 8th, said. “You have to get out there and experience new things.”

Bennett addressed issues like why people should give their bodies the right things and try their hardest at everything they do.

“Every action can affect something much bigger,” Aaliya Newman, 8th said. “I liked that quote because it made me actually stop and think about all my actions and how they can affect me.”

Along with the advice, Real Encounter Outreach performed various stunts like jumping over the teachers, doing back flips, and hopping up rows of stairs in the bleachers.

“What I liked the best was actually being right in front of the all the things that happened,” Natalie Estrada, 7th, said. “I was so close, I’d never seen anything like it!”

Known for their unique way of using tricks to support what they say, Real Encounter Outreach helps students pay more attention to the message they are trying to get across.

“The lecture that the speaker gave us was what I liked best because not only did we learn the lesson, but they proved it with tricks,” Johnny Chiamsachang, 9th, said.

Real Encounter on America’s Got Talent in 2014: