Raider Reps Raise Money for the Make-a-Wish Foundation

Elizabeth Gonzalez, Reporter

The smell of popcorn wafted through the air as the crowd cheered on the freshmen and teachers in the Pink-Out Basketball Game on March 18. Greg Washington and Derrick Wise coached the student team. Coach Eveld served as referee, and Coach Hinkle guided the faculty team. Throughout the game, Raider Reps walked up and down the steps to sell concessions. All proceeds went toward the Make-a-Wish Foundation.

The teachers and administrators had their own methods for preparing to battle much younger athletes on the court.

“I just went down to the gym about ten minutes early,” Mrs. Post, 8th grade science teacher, said. “I had not played a game of basketball for several years and am soooo out of shape! Just keeping up during the game was challenging because this body is so slow now. Another challenge was Stevie Young and his long arms!”

Some did not worry in the least.

“I got ready by splitting a chicken fried rice with Mrs. Rathbun,” Assistant Principal Jones said.

Others just hoped for the best.

“I did not train before the game — I prayed,” Mrs. Chronister, math inclusion teacher, said. “I have never played any sport before, but my students encouraged me to. As a woman of almost 60 years, I wanted to play for two minutes, have an opportunity to touch the ball, and not make a basket for the student team or get hurt. I accomplished all!”

Mrs. Parnell, 7th grade Arkansas history teacher, scored the winning basket.

“The biggest challenge of the game for me was trying not to get hurt because I was running a half marathon the next day,” Mrs. Parnell said. “Otherwise, I would’ve played more aggressively than I did. The students played a great game. We have some very talented athletes here, and I’m proud to be a Raider!”

Even though the students were technically the enemy, the teachers were still impressed.

“Coach Greg Washington was able to make sound decisions during the game,” Coach Hinkle said. “He saved his secret weapon for the final last minutes of the game and almost got his team to win.”

Assistant Principal Jones had a different reason.

“I was most impressed with the athletes who did not play because they knew better! Ha ha,” Assistant Principal Jones said.

The game had its memorable moments.

“When Mr. Hunt took that charge from Stevie under the basket, I didn’t think he was going to get back up!” Mrs. Post said.

In addition to the basketball game, the Raider Reps also held a pie-in-the-face contest. For six weeks at one day per week, the Raider Reps had collected donations at lunch. Whichever teachers had the most money added to their jars earned the privilege of getting pied. The top three teachers were Mr. Meyers, Ms. Ferguson, and Mr. Hansen. Since she was preparing for her wedding, Ms. Ferguson (now Mrs. Storey) donated her proceeds to Coach Hinkle, pulling him into the Top 3.

“I was almost positive by some form of intervention that I would be selected to receive a pie in the face so it really didn’t bother me,” Coach Hinkle said. “The fact that it was for a good cause was even better.”

All in all, the Raider Reps collected a total of $1,500, which they presented via the Make-a-Wish Radiothon at KTCS in early April.

I did not train before the game — I prayed! I have never played any sports before, but my students encouraged me to.”

— Mrs. Chronister

Pie in the Face 2016 from Melissa Mullin on Vimeo.