Taste of Kimmons Brings out Diversity

Freshmen ladies

The amazing aroma of enchiladas, egg rolls, and barbecue brisket smacked students in the face as they entered their language arts classes in early May for the annual Taste of Kimmons. From vibrant-colored Laos sinhs to embroidered Mexican dresses, Raiders honored their various ethnicity.

The Taste of Kimmons gave students a chance to experience different foods and cultures.

“Being able to try something new and learn about unique cultures was my favorite part,” A’zariah Hayes, 7th, said. “We should absolutely continue the Taste of Kimmons because it gives students a chance to try foods they’ve never had. Maybe on the way, they’ll step out of their comfort zones.”

Kalla Hinkle, 7th, also feels that the event is a welcomed change from the norm.

“The Taste of Kimmons gives students a chance to try foods other than McDonald’s or Burger King,” Kalla said.

Some preferred fiery foods.

“I loved the gorditas because they had a spicy tingle,” Oneida Ibarra, 9th, said.

Others liked Salvadoran dishes.

“I really liked the pupusas,” Johnne Lee, 9th, said. “They were like Heaven when you bit into them.”

Students washed down the food with traditional drinks.

“I liked the horchata because it was sweet but not too sweet,” Angel Keohacksa, 9th, said.

People enjoyed coming to school in traditional clothing rather than jeans and t-shirts.

“I dressed up, and it was pretty fun,” Laura Ounthovang, 9th, said. “Students and teachers wanted to take pictures with me.”

The Taste of Kimmons let teens embrace the diversity of the student body.

“I went to Chaffin in the 7th grade, and the Taste of Kimmons really shows how unique Kimmons is compared to other schools in the district,” Haley Kempe, 9th, said.

Janessa Xayavongsa, 8th, sees the advantage of continuing the Taste of Kimmons event.

“Some of the students don’t have the privilege of trying different cultures foods, so I think it should continue,” Janessa said.

Students enjoyed the chance to open up their minds to new things.

“The Taste of Kimmons was a great experience, almost like traveling all around the world; yet, I stayed in the same classroom,” Sajdah Johnson, 9th, said.