Spring-Time Favorites

As the flowers blossomed and the snow finally disappeared, students welcomed Spring with a big smile.
Changes in style sprung.

“I wear clothes that are shorter and cooler,” Keyondre Stratford, 8th, said.

Ladies also chose a different style for Spring.

“When Spring comes, I wear brighter colors and shorts or skirts with flats and sometimes a crop-top,” Ingrid Recinos, 9th, said.

As the season changed, so did the hobbies. Nicer weather meant going back outdoors to enjoy the sunshine.

“I like to go outside and enjoying the warmer weather,” Karina Gonzalez, 7th, said.

Spring also meant getting the family together. To achieve this goal, some traveled during Spring Break.

“I liked visiting my aunt, uncle, and cousins at their house in Oklahoma,” Galilea Klein, 8th said.

Other students went out of state, too.

“I visited my dad in Texas,” Kalynn Owens, 8th, said.

Because of this many get to see relatives that live far away or aren’t seen in regular basis.

“Every Spring, I visit my dad and his family in Little Rock for the whole week,” Keyondre said. “I only get to see them three times a year.”