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Kassandra Clegg

Kassandra Clegg, reporter

Kassandra Clegg, 9th, is an accident-prone, nice, sweet girl.  She is also a deep thinker and speaks her mind.  The teacher who impacted her the most was Mrs. Samply.

"She told me that if believe in myself, I can achieve whatever I put my her mind to," Kassandra said.

Other than Fort Smith, Kassandra has also lived in Idaho.

"Idaho was nice because it didn't have the moisture in the air like here," Kassandra said.

If she could travel somewhere else it would be to New York.

"It has the BEST publishers and editing buildings that I know of," Kassandra said.

Kassandra's favorite TV show right now is Grimm.

"People get their heads cut off but are still alive," Kassandra said.

Other than watching TV, Kassandra also enjoys listening to music.

"I like nature music like ocean waves --  anything calm -- because it stops me from throwing a brick at my window," Kassandra said.

Some of the things on Kassandra's Bucket List are going sky diving, having a pet giraffe, and finding a cure for a deadly illness.

"The bravest thing I have ever done was climbing the climbing wall," Kassandra said.  "Coach Myrick made me do it."

Alexandria Martinez is one of Kassandra's closest friends.

"I met Kassandra in the 6th grade when the teacher assigned us together," Alexandria said.  "When she did, we became best friends forever.  The most memorable moment we had was when we went skating.  We had a blast!  It was so much fun."

Written by Blanca Rodriguez


All content by Kassandra Clegg

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Kassandra Clegg