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Vanessa Picazo

Vanessa Picazo, reporter

Vanessa Picazo, 8th, is a funny, positive person to be around.  Born in Fort Smith on October 21st, Vanessa moved to Mexico when she was two.  At age seven, Vanessa came back.

“Fort Smith has been my favorite place to live because I eat a lot of junk food,” Vanessa’s said.

Suzie Banuelos is one of Vanessa's friends.

“Vanessa is very honest and likes to play around with me,” Suzie said.

One of Vanessa’s favorite all-time movies is Divergent.

“I watched Divergent with my friends,” Vanessa said.  "It has a lot of action, which is exciting."

As for her favorite subject in school, Vanessa prefers math.

“Math tests my skills to the limit,” Vanessa said.

Written by Antoine Cato

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Vanessa Picazo