FBLA Visits Bank and ArcBest, Study Careers

As the FBLA members got off the school bus in late February, they stepped into the cold air and waited outside the First National Bank, an eight-story white-brick building built more than a century ago. What awaited these students was an educational opportunity to explore different careers and learn about the responsibilities, training, and education required.

During their tour of the 120-year old bank, students learned about the history of First National, how it evolved with the times, and saw the safety deposit box safe, which weighs more than one ton. One of the highlights from the bank tour was students having the opportunity to hold $1,000 bills that are no longer in circulation.

“My favorite part about the FBLA trip would be when we were at First National and saw money that is no longer made,” Vanida Maymoundok, 9th, said.

After their lunch at La Huerta Mexican Restaurant, the FBLA members then toured the ArcBest Corporation building, which is tall with slightly-tinted glass windows and red brick. There, the members learned about the Corporation that solves complex logistics and transportation challenges and how hard work pays off. Executive Officers Morton and Cobb spoke about how doing well in school is the key to success in college and career, adding that the job is easier than school. Vice-President Cobb even gave each of the FBLA members his personal business card so they could call and ask a question of him anytime.

“The best part about the trip was listening to how the president of ArcBest got to where he is now,” Justin Maymoundok, 8th, said.

Aside from being a fun afternoon away from school, the FBLA trip had a larger purpose.

“The students got a glimpse of the ‘bigger picture,’ Mrs. Wilbanks, FBLA sponsor, said. “These types of career visits hopefully help them see life after school and how they fit that into their own futures.”