Volleyball Girls Form Team and Family

9th Grade Volleyball Team

On the court they are a team, but off the court the volleyball girls are a family. Their bond is like a bamboo stick, very hard to break.

“Communication and getting closer as sisters was the main thing that helped us get along so well,” Kassidy Sayavong, 9th, said.

Their bond made the volleyball team successful.

“Our best game was our first game against Darby,” Eriel West, 7th, said. “We played well under pressure, and we got the win.”

While playing under stress, the ladies still managed to have their favorite moments.

“My favorite moment this season was team camp,” Coach Thompson said. “It really gave us time to bond as a team and gave me the opportunity to spend extra time with my freshmen players.”

Not only did the coach have special moments, but the girls also had them too.

“On the way to the Springdale Tournament, we were on the bus laughing, listening to music, and having fun with each other,” Sydney Green, 9th, said. “That was a memory none of us will ever forget.”

With all the communication and becoming more than teammates, the 8th graders had their favorite moments off the court as well.

“Everyone was in the locker room, and we were all hyped because it was the game we knew we would win,” Andrea Jalaliddin, 8th, said.