Track Athletes Handle Challenges

Track Athletes Handle Challenges

Students not in track might think it is just running, but it’s not. This sport gives athletes the chance to beat previous times and compete for first place.

“My biggest challenge I had was trying to push myself when I ran because I felt like I wanted to give up,” Andrea Jalaliddin said.

Not only did they have obstacles to overcome, but they also had tough opponents.

“Alma was my toughest opponent this year because all the guys were great at running distance, and none of them gave up,” Javion Perkins said.

Javion wasn’t the only person to have tough opponents.

“I was my toughest opponent because I continued to say I couldn’t do something without trying,” Sierre Thompson said.

Some students qualified for Regionals, and even though Kimmons did not fare well there, students still felt proud just to be there.

“Qualifying for Regionals was an honor because not a lot of 7th graders got the chance like I did,” J.T. Thorne said.