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Aniya Webster

Aniya Webster, reporter

Aniya Webster, freshman, is an intelligent, outgoing person with a strong and positive attitude.  She likes playing basketball.

"Basketball is something I grew up on," Aniya said.  "What makes it fun is the competition."

Aniya's grandma is the person who has influenced her to be brave and know that life is not easy.

"My grandma always told me that if something goes wrong, the world doesn't stop spinning," Aniya said.

Aniya's best friends describe her as a caring person.

"Aniya's nice and pretty," Jazlen Bell, 9th, said.  "What I like about her is that she cares about everyone.  You don't really find people like her."

Aniya's friend Olivia Williams, 9th, met Aniya in elementary school.

"We always played basketball together," Olivia said.  "I am very glad I met her because she has always had faith in me."

Written by Rosario Arrendondo

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Aniya Webster