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Jessica Nelke

Jessica Nelke, Reporter

Jessica Nelke, 9th, is very calm but can also be very bold and goofy while being around her friends.

Zakiyah Mims has been Jessica's best friend since 4th grade.

“We always stuck by each other even far away,” Jessica said. “A great memory was when Zakiyah spent the night at my house, and my cousin stayed over, too. We were having too much fun because he fell from the swing in the ceiling. We were dying for five minutes.”

Aviyel James, 9th, considers Jessica sweet, pretty, and hilarious.

“When we were in Gym class exercising, we couldn’t stop laughing because we sucked at the exercises,” Avyiel said.

Ice skating is something Jessica would like to try.

“It looks fun, would calm me, and I could express myself to the music,” Jessica said. “I could also get more athletic.”

Along with wanting to experience ice skating, Jessica loves gymnastics.

“Gymnastics helps me get flexible,” Jessica said.

Before Arkansas, Jessica lived in Texas.

“I liked living in Texas the best because there is so much more to do there,” Jessica said.

Jessica’s worst travel experience was to Oklahoma.

“My mom was having an attitude and my sisters were bad,” Jessica said.

One place Jessica would like to travel to is Rome, Italy.

“Rome is very beautiful to me and would like to be in the UK,”Jessica said

Jessica’s all-time favorite movie is Aquamarine.

“It reminds me of my childhood because it brings me back when times were better in the 2000s,” Jessica said.

If Jessica could be any creature, it would be a butterfly.

“They seem so calm and pretty,” Jessica said.

Profile written by Pablo Becerra

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Jessica Nelke