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Asia Green

Asia Green, Reporter

Asia Green, 9th, is very independent; yet, she’s so nice and too forgiving.

“I would describe myself as smart, funny, and caring,” Asia said.

Even though Asia is known to be pretty independent, her best strength is forgiveness.

“What people really need to know about me is that I forgive people really easily, and I’m sensitive,” Asia said.

Family is very important to Asia, and she cherishes every moment she spends with them.

“My best memory with my family was at my brother's birthday party when we shoved cake in his face,” Asia said. “It stands out because my brother was really happy and everyone was laughing.”

Although Asia loves her family all equally, she gets along with her brother, Ryder, the most.

“He’s the best because he’s really funny, and we play basketball together, but he’s very abusive,” Asia said.

Asia doesn’t just play basketball with her brother but also individually loves the sport.

“I enjoy playing and watching basketball because it’s fun,” Asia said.

Along with being athletic, Asia also enjoys getting in touch with her creative side.

“I enjoy playing basketball and drawing because I like to draw and paint things with my sister, and I practice basketball so I can improve,” Asia said.

Profile written by Yaneli Vargas

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