The Allure of Skater Boys

With their long, shaggy hair and astonishingly-designed skateboards, skater boys are energetic, carefree, and laid back, which is especially appealing to girls nowadays. Skater boys wear brands like Huf and Spitfire, cuffed Dockies, and the shoe brand Vans. As they do tricks off buildings or ramps, their skinny, tattooed bodies sway through the air. At times, these boys can have attitudes like when building owners emerge to complain about what they’re doing. Vinnie Hacker is a popular skater boy whom a lot of girls know from TikTok.

First becoming popular in the 1960s, skateboarding can be as hard to master as running a marathon, learning how to surf, or balancing on a rope. Here in Fort Smith, most of the popular skate parks are in the downtown area. People can skate there at any time, but the lights are turned off at 8 p.m.