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Aviyel James

Aviyel James, Reporter

Aviyel James, 9th, is really good at making people laugh with her silly personality. Something surprising about her is that she likes anime.

“I don’t know how to be serious,” Aviyel said.

Somewhere Aviyel would love to travel is New York City.

“It’s so big, and I want to go thrift shopping there,” Aviyel said.

Aviyel liked living in Oklahoma the best.

“It was fun, and I had more stuff to do there,” Aviyel said.

Asia Green, 9th, became friends with Aviyel through a mutual friend.

“I thought Aviyel was really pretty and funny, so I started to talk to her,” Asia said. “I would describe her as beautiful, funny, caring, and kind.”

Asia’s favorite memory of Aviyel is when they were in the gym in the morning.

“We were talking by ourselves because she is really funny, and I just enjoy being around her,” Asia said.

Jessica Nelke, 9th, first met Aviyel from her 7th grade P.E class.

“She is a very entertaining person, is bold, and doesn't care what anyone thinks of her,” Jessica said.

Netflix’s Stranger Things is something Aviyel likes to watch.

“The show is really funny and crazy,” Aviyel said.

If Aviyel were an animal, she would be a tiger.

“They’re big and cute,” Aviyel said.

Sleeping is as enjoyable as gorging on a fluffy stack of pancakes to Aviyel.

“It's peaceful,” Aviyel said.

Photography is something Aviyel would like to learn more about.

“It seems interesting because all the different things to take pictures of, places you can go, and the props you can use,” Aviyel said.

Profile written by Mariah Harrison

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Aviyel James