Mrs. Grubbs Transitions from Elementary to Junior High


Jessica Nelke and Aviyel James

Mrs. Shelby Grubbs has taught math, science, and social studies to elementary school students at Alma, Van Buren, and Fort Smith but now has moved on up to teach Language Arts to the big kids here. Mrs. Grubbs likes the great attitudes of colleagues at Kimmons and their willingness to do whatever is needed to help students succeed.

“When everyone has the same goal to help students, it is easier to collaborate and meet goals,” Mrs Grubbs said.

Inspiring people to see the gift that reading can give is what lured Mrs. Grubbs into becoming a Language Arts teacher.

“I believe that being able to read and write effectively can open many doors for people,” Mrs. Grubbs said.

A goal this UAFS graduate has is to help her students make gains in their reading and find a love for it.

“I also want my students to feel like the classroom is a place where they can share their struggles and feel accepted,” Mrs Grubbs said.

The biggest challenge to Mrs. Grubbs is trying to get students to understand the importance of being able to read and write well no matter what future career they have in mind.

“Many students that do not want to go to college and want to just work in a trade have a misconception that reading and writing well are not necessary,” Mrs. Grubbs said. “However, the skills help in any field, not just collegiate level careers.”

Outside of school, Mrs Grubbs enjoys playing golf.

“Golf is a sport that takes a lot of practice and concentration,” Mrs. Grubbs said. “Also, it is a sport that I will be able to compete in for the longest time.”

A fun fact about Mrs Grubbs is that she bakes A LOT when she is stressed.

“I bake anything from double chocolate chip cookies to homemade cinnamon rolls to strawberry bread. The sky’s the limit!” Mrs Grubbs said. “I also love interior design because it is extremely satisfying to transform a space to fit the mood and personality of someone.”