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Lesly Manriquez

Lesly Manriquez, Reporter

Lesly Maniquez, 9th, is funny, kind, smart, and has a heart-warming smile. She likes to listen to Cuco, play volleyball, and paint.

“I enjoy painting because that’s when no one bothers me, and I’m in my own space,” Lesly said.

One weakness Lesly would like to remove is giving into people too fast.

“I always get hurt in the end,” Lesly said.

Lesly’s best strength is she is really good at being honest.

“I’m really good at telling the truth instead of lying to people,” Lesly said.

Lesly’s friends mean a lot to her.

“They know what I have gone through and have always been there for me when no one else was,” Lesly said.

Genesis Cruz, 9th, has been friends with Lesly since 8th grade and considers her to be funny, loud, and aggressive.

“Lesly always makes me laugh,” Genesis said. “She's not scared of other people hearing her, and she can be aggressive because she hits me and pulls my hair.”

A surprising fact about Lesly is that she is terrified of cockroaches.

“They’re ugly, look like they can fly, and bite,” Lesly said.

Profile written by Asia Green

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Lesly Manriquez