Triple Threat Mr. Gunselman Turns to KMS


Back in college at UAFS, Mr. Richard Gunselman studied theater and was the lion mascot. Later, he worked in the global missions department at Cross Church School of Ministry where he was reminded of his love of teaching others and impacting their lives. Now, he is a 6th grade science teacher here.

“I taught nature and science courses to Boy Scouts at summer camp for many years,” Mr. Gunselman said. “At that point, I knew that I wanted to get my teaching license and one day get back to coaching as well. Working to be a science teacher was the best path for me and that is what led me to teaching science at Kimmons.”

Before coming here, Mr. Gunselman taught 7th-12th grade Science at Union Christian Academy in Fort Smith for two years and also coached junior high and senior high Volleyball, Softball, and Baseball. He also worked as a referee for USA Junior Olympic Volleyball and some college volleyball matches.

“I love coaching and reffing Volleyball because I have had great success in both,” Mr. Gunselman said. “I coached the teams to winning Union Christian Academy’s first ever State Titles in Volleyball. I led the Senior High Varsity Team to two win two state titles and the junior high team to one state title.”

What Mr. Gunselman likes best about Kimmons is the strong family and community environment, which fosters better and closer connections among teachers, between teachers and students, and within their families.

“These connections are important, so we can do the best to help each and every student be successful,” Mr. Gunselman said.

A love of nature and seeing how things work and function inspired Mr. Gunselman to become a science teacher.

“I have had a lot of opportunities to teach throughout my life -– at church, at scout camp, in training sessions,” Mr. Gunselman said. “Getting to teach 6th grade Science here is a great way for me to combine these loves while getting to have a great positive impact on future generations.”

Getting to see how students grow in their learning and educational career is a favorite memory for Mr. Gunselman.

“I love to see students who are struggling with learning something get to the point where they are not only able to learn that thing that was difficult but move on to be able to help teach another student what they learned,” Mr. Gunselman said.

Outside of school, Mr. Gunselman enjoys being in nature, spending time with his wife and two boys, and coaching Volleyball.

“Volleyball is a very complex and high energy sport,” Mr. Gunselman said. “My parents used to play in a church volleyball league when I was a young child. Then my younger sister started playing travel volleyball, and it was again a big part of our lives. In college, I began referring and coaching volleyball for the Fort Smith Juniors and Delta Region of USA Volleyball. Being a volleyball coach and referee allows me to help others to grow in their skills and knowledge of the game as players and I can help referees improve their skills and become better at what they do as well.”