Nike Air Jordans Reign Supreme


The popular Nike Air Jordans range from 1 to 35, come in different colors, and have a variety of details. Celebrities have even created their own Jordans. For example, the Prince of Reggaeton offers the Air Jordan 2 x J Balvin, which represents the Columbian singer’s free-flowing style with fun-loving graphics and a light-up tongue. The Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 Low “Black Phantom” features reverse Swooshes on the laterals and a bee motif stamped into the left heel tab to represent the rapper’s daughter Stormi.

The story of the shoe dates back to 1984 when Michael Jordan’s parents and his agent David Falk convinced him to sign a deal with Nike, which at the time was known more for track shoes. Nike had just come out with air soles, and since Michael played basketball in the air, Falk decided to call the shoe “Air Jordan.”

The most expensive sneaker to be autographed so far is the Jordan 12 Flu Game worth $104,000. Jordans go for anywhere from $200 to $400 a pair, unless you’re buying one of the nicer, more expensive styles. Who wouldn’t want a pair, especially when considering they are the top best-selling shoes? Did you know Michael Jordan’s favorite pair of Jordans are the 11’s, 3’s, followed by the 12’s or 13’s?