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Sophia Halleran

Sophia Halleran, Reporter

Sophia Halleran, 8th, is a smart, stubborn, and feisty student who will not change her opinion for anyone.

“If I know I’m right in an argument, then I am,” Sophia said. “It’s not that I know I’m right and that means you’re wrong. It’s more that I’m not going to change just because you think I should.”

Something people might not know about Sophia is that she is actually a picky eater.

“I don't like trying new foods and most foods gross me out,” Sophia said.

Sophia's best strength is she is naturally smart and keeps straight As.

“I keep up with my work,” Sophia said.

The best advice Sophia ever received came from her sister who encouraged her to be kind.

“This was valuable because it made me be nicer to people,” Sophia said.

The best memory Sophia has with her family was a trip to Florida for the summer.

“It was really fun, and we went swimming,” said Sophia.

As for her friends, Sophia would feel sad if something ever happened to them, especially since they are nice to her. A great memory this 13-year-old Arkansas native has with her friend Abigail involves La Huerta.

“When my friend fell when we were at a restaurant in front of everyone because she fell on her face and almost tripped the waiter,” Sophia said.

Alexa Thibodeaux’s favorite memories of Sophia are every day in 4th period Journalism and 7th period Language Arts.

“We always laugh and are entertained in there,” Alexa said. “Sophia’s willingness to stand up for what she believes in makes her a good friend.”

Chole Enterkin’s first impression of Sophia was that she was confident and brave.

“She wasn’t afraid to speak her mind,” Chole said.

Raquell Castleberry, 8th, finds Sophia talkative and very blunt.

“If she doesn't like you, you will know,” Raquell said.

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Sophia Halleran