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Ben James

Ben James, Reporter

Ben James, 8th, attends school regularly; yet, he doesn’t like participating in class.

Smarts is Ben’s best strength.

“I feel like I can solve things easily,” Ben said.

Ben would describe himself as kind but impatient.

“I don’t like to be kept waiting,” Ben said.

If he could, Ben would go to Hawaii.

“I would love to swim there,” Ben said.

Jamiya Clarke's first impression of Ben was that he was funny.

“He gives me snacks when I want them,” Jamiya said.

Jamiya’s favorite memory with Ben was when they were play fighting.

“I pushed him, and his shoe fell off,” Jamiya said.

Tayveon Davis’ first impression of Ben was that he was cool and kind of chill.

“Ben’s a good friend because he helps me and stands up for me,” Tayveon said. “My best memory is when we were play fighting in my room with Armoni and Stanley.”

Diego Martinez’s first impression of Ben was that he was annoying, but that changed once he got to know Ben better.

“My favorite memory of Ben is whenever we joke around in school,” Diego said. “He’s a good friend because he’s chill.”

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