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Raquell Castleberry

Raquell Castleberry, Reporter

The quiet brown hair, brown eyed Raquell Castleberry, 8th, is kind, keeps to herself, and always helps others when needed. However, Raquell also has a different side to her.

Raquell’s her best strength is being a Raiderette.

“I am passionate about dancing,” Raquell said.

Raquell’s favorite family memory is when she and her family went sledding. She went through a barbed wire fence and cut her ankle.

“It was really fun though,” Raquell said. “It stands out because it's not something that you would normally hear.”

Something Raquell could live without is Valentine’s day.

“I think the holiday is pointless, but that’s mainly because I'm single but still,” Raquell said.

A flaw Raquell would like to eliminate is the amount of time she spends on social media.

“It takes away from when I could be doing something else,” Raquell said.

Friends are important to Raquell.

“I can tell them my problems when I feel upset or just frustrated,” Raquell said.

A great memory this 13-year-old Arkansas native has is 7th grade May Day with friends Addison Carter and Addi.

“We ate snow cones, talked about random stuff, and really got to know more about each other,” Raquell said.

Addison Carter’s first impression of Raquell was that she was really nice and quiet.

“I was right, but the more you talk to her, the more she’ll talk to you too,”Addison said.

Addison’s favorite memory with Raquell was when they were in the library.

“We talked about books and then found out that we have the same taste.” Addison said.

Addison finds Raquell funny and loyal.

“Every time I see Raquell, she always has something we can relate to,” Addison said.

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Raquell Castleberry