Paqui Hot Chip Challenge Gets Renewed in 2022


The first taste of the Paqui Hot Chip doesn’t really take effect until about ten seconds later when a burning sensation consumes you, your eyes water, and the only thing on your mind is milk, hoping that the cold beverage can stop the unbearable pain.

The Paqui Hot Chip Challenge is a social media trend created by the Paqui Tortilla Chip company. People must eat the individually-packaged, high-voltage tortilla chip made with the Carolina Reaper and stinging Scorpion peppers, and then hold out on drinking anything for as long as possible. When Hot Ones host Sean Evans and Lil Yachty took the Paqui Hot Chip Challenge in 2020, the rapper tapped out within seconds, and the video went viral.

This challenge has pitted adults who think it’s dangerously dumb against teenagers who find it fun. In fact, several schools nationwide banned the challenge due to the potential for emergency-room visits by kids with medical conditions, such as asthma or allergies to peppers. But for those without issues, it can be a fun, memorable experience.