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Alexa Thibodeaux

Alexa Thibodeaux, Reporter

As Alexa Thibodeaux and her best friend Raquell Castleberry quietly walked into 4th period Journalism class, Raquell chuckled at Alexa’s twisted joke.

A flaw this 13-year-old would like to eliminate is disorganization.

“When I get home from school, I am so tired and don’t bother to clean up,” Alexa said.

Volleyball is Alexa’s best strength.

“I put all my heart into Volleyball and don’t like any other sport,” Alexa said. “I really try even when others don’t.”

Watching games when she does not have a team to root for bores Alexa. However she does enjoy riding her bike and writing.

“They are both interesting and get things off my mind,” Alexa said.

Alexa’s friends are important to her because she cares for them and does not just let anyone be her friend.

“They know too much, like who I like, who I don’t like, and more,” Alexa said.

Raquell’s first impression of Alexa was that she was mean because of her facial expressions.

“Alexa was actually nice,” Raquell said. “My favorite memory is 7th grade May Day because we laughed so much that it hurt. She’s a good friend because she understands me when I tell her personal stuff.”

These ladies have known each other for five years.

“Raquell is always here when I need her,” Alexa said. “She makes me smile, laugh, happy, and more.”

Blakilea Young’s first impression of Alexa was that she was very nice and helpful.

“She has always been the sweetest person to me and everyone around her,” Blakilea said. “Alexa is a good friend and never fails to put a smile on my face.”

Doing projects in the Science lab is Blakilea’s favorite memory with Alexa.
“We sat and learned new things and laughed.” Blakilea said. “It was a really good day just to talk and have fun.”

Addison Carter’s first impression of Alexa is she thought Alexa hated her, so Addison didn’t talk to her.

“At one of our games, I found out that she was my cousin,” Addison said. “Then we started to talk.”

The first day of Volleyball practice at NorthSide was Addision’s favorite memory with Alexa.

“We were really nervous but helped each other get through it,” Addison said.

What makes Alexa a good friend and cousin is that no matter what anybody says about you, she’ll still stick around.

“She’s loyal like that,” Addison said.

Profile written by Nelli Lopez

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Alexa Thibodeaux