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Amoriana Palmer

Amoriana Palmer, Reporter

Curly-haired Amoriana Palmer, 8th, – also known as “Mori” – is often mistaken as quiet and mysterious, but she is neither. Outgoing and independent better describe this Fort Smith native.

If she could, Amoriana would go to Disneyland because the rides look fun.

“My Bucket List also includes getting rich,” Amoriana said. “I would blow the money on everything.”

Something Amoriana could do without is animals.

“All animals are gross because they stink,” Amoriana said.

Reading is what Amoriana does enjoy.

“My favorite book is November 9 by Colleen Hoover because it has a lot of drama,” Amoriana said.

Luis Juarez Medina, 8th, thought Amoriana seemed like a loner when he first met her.

“She’s actually really funny, smart, and a fun person to talk to,” Luis said.

Caylee Lekdavanh’s first impression of Amoriana was that she seemed energetic and carefree.

“I had met her in first grade, and she was talkative and popular,” Caylee said.

When they pretended to be their favorite YouTubers is Caylee’s favorite memory with Amoriana.

“We were so young and innocent,” Caylee said. “Amoriana is a good friend because of her honesty and how funny she is.”

* Profile written by Raquell Castleberry

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Amoriana Palmer