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Kimberlee Lopez

Kimberlee Lopez, Reporter

Kimberlee Lopez, 9th, is a smart, non-talkative, and friendly girl who likes to color on her spare time. Her best friend is Lisseth Acostah.

“Kimberlee is a nice, helpful, loyal, best friend,” Lisseth said. “We became friends at Trusty in the third grade. Kimberlee was one of the first to welcome me, and we’ve been friends since. My favorite memory was when we went to the mall and went back home and played around.”

Kimerlee also has another best friend, Estrella Venegas, 8th.

“Kimberlee is caring, nice, and a good listener,” Estrella said. “My memory with Kimberlee was last semester P.E. because all we would do was talk and have a good time.”
By Zayveon Robinson

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Kimberlee Lopez