Coach Wheat Aims to Achieve with Cross Country Team


Kimberlee Lopez, Reporter

Coach Randall Wheat, the new Health teacher and Cross Country coach, has been in education for 22 years and used to coach and teach World History and Geography at Poteau High School in Oklahoma.

Watching athletes advance inspired Coach Wheat to become a coach.

“I love to see kids improve on sports that they love,” Coach Wheat said.

Coach Wheat’s goals for the Cross Country athletes are to get them prepared for the future.

“It will help their high school Cross Country coaches compete at a higher level,” Coach Wheat said.

Coach Wheat appreciates his colleagues here.

“I like that all the staff is friendly and eager to help me with all the new changes,” Coach Wheat said.

Outside of school, Coach Wheat enjoys sporting events with family and friends.

“My kids play football, basketball, softball and golf, so we are always on the go to all these activities,” Coach Wheat said.