Ms. Swearingen Takes on KJH after Tackling Taiwan


Culture shock does not apply to Ms. Allysa Swearingen since she already taught junior high science, biology, and oceanography for two years in Taiwan at a boarding school called Ivy Collegiate Academy. Now she is teaching 7th grade science here.

Her experience working in a lab in college inspired Ms. Swearingen to teach science.

“It was so awesome to see real science happening right in front of me,” Ms. Swearingen said.

Kimmons has been a welcome change.

“Everyone has been so friendly!” Ms. Swearingen said.

Ms. Swearingen hopes to get her students excited about science but sees one hurdle.

“It is challenging to find the balance between finding great labs that are safe, fun, and teach us something,” Ms. Swearingen said. “My goal is to blow something up, but in a very safe, educational way.”

Ms. Swearingen enjoys hiking and traveling.

“I love seeing beautiful places and learning about new cultures,” Ms. Swearingen said. “I also enjoy baking because I love to eat!”

Other than teaching in a foreign country, Ms. Swearingen has another surprising fact to reveal.

“I grew up on a turkey farm!” Ms. Swearingen said.