Football Athletes Ready to Tackle Darby


The football team is hungry for their September 5th battle against their chief rival Darby. The rivalry is as intense as Simba fighting Scar in The Lion King. The athletes are as hyped up as little kids listening for the ice cream truck on a hot day. When the boys talk about their rivalry against Darby, they are as bold as a badger clawing at a cougar.

“I am confident that we will have a better record this year because we have been practicing and running a lot,” Damarien “Pum” Savoy, 9th, said. “I feel like we are going to win against Darby because they are not as good as they used to be.”

Quarterback Jonathan Miranda, 9th, would love to conquer Darby.

“It will give us more confidence to beat other teams, but I also think they have some talented kids,” Jonathan said.

Lineman EriK Barrientos, 9th, is excited to block Darby and give it all he has in the game.

“We just gotta focus on what we have to do and not fall apart as a team,” Eric said. “We can beat Darby because our team plays really good together.”

Receiver and linebacker Guillermo Araujo, 8th, believes that Darby has talent.

“Darby has good players, but we are still going to beat them because I think we practice harder than they do,” Guillermo said.

Martin Ortega, 9th, has a unique strategy for beating his rival.

“I just hope Darby goes all out on us,” Martin said.

Coach Cantrell is excited about a new team at a new school. To prepare the boys, he has tried to establish a culture of change, go full speed ahead, beat Darby, and win Conference.

“Every day we want to follow what author Joshua Medcalf suggests: Chop Wood, Carry Water,’” Coach Cantrell said. “I’m trying to get the team to fall in love with and trust the process of being great. Look for #CWCW on the posts on the Kimmons Red Raider Facebook page. I’m ready to see the hard work translate to the field.”