Ms. Gregory Joins KJH While Set to Graduate from UAFS


While studying Organization Leadership at UAFS, Ms. Chelsea Gregory also subbed in special education classrooms. This experience inspired her to become a paraprofessional in that field.

“I felt most connected to those assignments and decided that I wanted to pursue special education as a career,” Ms. Gregory said.

Ms. Gregory will graduate in December with her bachelor’s degree. In the meantime, she faces a difficulty.

“Getting to know the level that each student is on per subject is my biggest challenge,” Ms. Gregory said.

Ms. Gregory’s goal is to help her students reach their full potential.

“I see something special in everyone, and I want them to accomplish everything they dream of,” Ms. Gregory said.

To Ms. Gregory, Kimmons is a wonderful school.

“The teachers and students are very dedicated, and the school also offers a very welcoming environment,” Ms. Gregory said.

Outside of school, Ms. Gregory is a photographer who loves to travel.

“I also write song lyrics and hope to have some more works published this year,” Ms. Gregory said.

A surprising fact about Mr.Gregory is that she doesn’t like chocolate.

“I’m allergic to chocolate,” Ms. Gregory said.