Mannequin Challenge


Imagine walking down the hallway and seeing people standing in place without blinking while music plays in the background. The Mannequin Challenge is a popular trend where people remain frozen in action like clothing-store mannequins to Rae Sremmurd’s song “Black Beatles.” It all started in Nov. 2016 when a student from Edward H. White High School Military Academy of Leadership in Jacksonville, Florida, walked in front of her class and just struck a pose. Her friends joined in and then continued the movement in other classes, recording the challenge and posting on social media. The Mannequin Challenge went nation wide with celebrities like Adele and Beyonce and even politician Hilary Clinton freezing themselves in time. The mannequin challenge is cool, and it’s amazing how some people can stand really still and not even blink.

Mannequin Challenge in Mrs. Heyn’s class: