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Torrin Tomes, Reporter

With her medium-length brown hair, Torrin Tomes, 8th, is so quiet but talks a lot outside of class.

“I am loud and talk more outside of class because I’m around my friends,” Torrin said. “I feel comfortable around them to act how I am at home.”

Alina Khamphavong, 8th, has gotten to know Torrin pretty well.

“I would describe Torrin as an inappropriate person and outgoing,” Alina said.

Torrin has things on her Bucket List.

“Before I die, I would like to travel, get a job, and move to California,” Torrin said.

Torrin’s best memory with her parents is when she went to the lake with them because they rarely go out. She has one sibling who is nine, and they get along pretty well.

“The most influential family member is my dad because he influences me to never give up,” Torrin said.

Torrin’s biggest challenge growing up in her family is having to put up with her cousins.

“Sometimes they get on my nerves,” Torrin said.

Aside from family, Torrin has some good friends and feels she is different from some of them because she messes around more than they do.

“My favorite memory about Torrin was when we had keyboarding class together because we would always get in trouble,” Jazmine Gonzales, 8th, said.

Another friend Torrin enjoys hanging out with is Cecilia ?.

“Cecilia is alway there for me and she makes me laugh,” Torrin said.

Profile written by Ashley Hernandez

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Torrin Tomes