Mrs. Silvia Picazo Leaves Eye Group, Returns to Kimmons


As parents lined up on the other side of the window and substitute teachers scanned their ID cards, Mrs. Silvia Picazo looked up student schedules and answered the phone with “Kimmons Middle School. How may I help you?”

Even though she was born in Mexico, Mrs. Silvia considers Fort Smith her hometown. In fact, she attended junior high school here, and Dr. Rhonda Gray was her English teacher.

“Dr. Gray was the best!” Mrs. Silvia said. “She not only taught English but also taught her kids manners and respect all the time.”

What Mrs. Silvia likes best about being back at Kimmons as the central office secretary is interacting with all the students.

“I get the opportunity to build trust in them,” Mrs. Silvia said.

Prior to working here, Mrs. Silvia devoted ten years to the ophthalmology clinic named Eye Group. Spradling Elementary’s secretary, Ms. Rosales, inspired her to become a school secretary when Ms. Rosales told her that she should join the Fort Smith Schools as a secretary.

“Ms. Rosales was always so helpful to the parents, especially the ones that didn’t speak any English,” Mrs. Silvia said.

The biggest challenge Mrs. Silvia faces as the central office secretary is to not forget to do something when she has several things going on.

“Multitasking is hard,” Mrs. Silvia said. “I like to get my work done.”

Outside of school, Mrs. Silvia loves spending quality time with her five children who range in age from two to fifteen.

“I love watching my kids play soccer, showing them my support, and cheering them on,” Mrs. Silvia said.