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Serena Praphan

Serena Praphan, Reporter

Serena Praphan, 8th, sat down quietly in class, put her earbuds in, did not speak a single word for the whole period.

“I would describe myself as a private person because the things I say and do are only the things I’m fine with being out there,” Serena said. “To really know me, you would have to know my life away from school, my past, and my catch phrases.”

Jackie Perez, 9th, became friends in 7th period P.E. class.

“Serena is very open minded and has a strong voice to whatever she has a very big opinion on,” Jackie said. “She has a unique sense of humor and is very protective and caring on the people she loves.”

Jackie’s has a favorite memory with Serena.

“This one day in P.E., we were planning on how we were gonna move out together and become ‘dancers’ after we finish high school,” Jackie said.

Older brother Kevin is the family member who Serena gets along with best.

“We literally tell each other everything,” Serena said.

Serena is different from her other family members.

“I think my style and the way I act stands out the most,” Serena said. “In my opinion, it’s not at all a bad thing.”

When it comes to music, Serena likes anything but country.

“Country just doesn’t give me a pleasing vibe,” Serena said.

In her spare time, Serena enjoys gaming.

“It always excites me and has me hyped well MOST of the time,” Serena said.

Profile written by Jahir Araujo

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Serena Praphan