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Melanie Rodriguez

Melanie Rodriguez, Reporter

With a smile on her face, Melanie Rodriguez, 8th, talked with friends Nelli Lopez and Michelle Salinas and made them laugh by moving her ears and talking about how fun it would be to be a bird, so she could fly around.

Spending money is Melanie’s best strength.

“I like to get new stuff,” Melanie said.

In fact, buying herself a new vanity is Melanie's best accomplishment.

“I worked hard to earn the money,” Melanie said.

Melanie appreciates her family members.

“They taught me to be respectful, show kindness, and support people around me,” Melanie said.

Her mother is important to Melanie.

“She influenced me to become a good person and not give up,” Melanie said.

The best advice Melanie ever received came from her uncle who encouraged her to stop hanging around the wrong people, always respect her mom, and consider her feelings before doing something she shouldn’t.

“My uncle made sure I knew he would always be there if I ever needed anything,” Melanie said.

Paris is where Melanie would love to travel.

“It’s really pretty,” Melanie said.

Melanie’s worst travel experience was to Springdale, Arkansas.

“My cousin and I got lost and had to go to the police station,” Melanie said.

Melanie’s best friend is Caylee Lekdavanh.

“I get along very well with her, and she's really funny,” Melanie said.

Caylee’s first impression of Melanie was that she was quiet and smart.

“Melanie hardly talked, and since we met in GATE, I assumed she was smart,” Caylee said.

Playing around in 8th period is Caylee’s best memory of Melanie.

“I always had fun talking to Melanie, but then we got moved,” Caylee said. “Melanie is a good friend because of her ability to make any situation fun and not awkward.”

Nelli Lopez Cortes’ first impression of Melanie was that she was nice and quiet, not rude or annoying.

“My best memory with Melanie is when we went to the State Fair together because we got to spend time together and get on fun rides,” Nelli said. “She’s a good friend because she listens, is understanding, and kind.”

Michelle Salinas liked that Melanie was always smiling.

“Melanie makes jokes,” Michelle said.

When Melanie offered to help her through something tough is Michelle’s favorite memory.

“Melanie always brightens the mood and makes sure everyone is happy,” Michelle said.

* Profile written by Hayleigh Garner

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Melanie Rodriguez