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Luis Juarez Medina

Luis Juarez Medina, Reporter

Luis Juarez Medina, 8th, is a funny, kind, understanding person who is easy to talk to. Yet, he can get feisty if someone annoys him.

A surprising fact about Luis is his musical talent.

“I play three different instruments,” Luis said.

The best advice Luis ever received came from his mom.

“She encouraged me to do my work, and it was valuable because I started to complete all my missing work at school.”

Luis’s best memory with his family was when they went to eat out for his cousin's birthday.

“It stands out to me because I grew up with my cousin, and we ended up getting closer,” Luis said.

Michelle Salinas and Jalie Hernandez were the first real friends Luis had that he could actually trust.

“We just got close super quick,” Luis said.

Jalie Hernandez’s first impression of Luis was that he was very quiet and introverted.

“He didn’t talk to me at first, and I honestly thought he didn’t like me,” Jalie said.

Facetiming Luis all summer while bored at home is Jalie’s favorite moment.

“Luis would introduce me to all his little siblings, and I’d talk to them,” Jalie said.

Jalie finds Luis a selfless, generous person who always goes out of his way.

“I’m grateful to have Luis as a friend,” Jalie said.

Alize Rojas’ first impression of Luis was that he looked and seemed like a good friend.

“He helped me out with something which made me realize that he’s a good friend,” Alize said.

Winter break is Alize’s favorite moment with Luis.
“We caught up on a lot of things together,” Alize said.

Alize finds Luis honest and understanding.

“He gives me good advice, and he takes time to understand what’s wrong,” Alize said.

Michelle Salinas’ first impression of Luis was that he seemed very nice.

“When I first met Luis, I immediately knew he was a great listener,” Michelle said.
Running errands with Luis is Michelle’s favorite moment.

“I adore his family, and it was something little, but we had a great time,” Michelle said.

Michelle finds Luis extremely caring.

“Luis always makes sure others are alright before himself,” Michelle said.

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Luis Juarez Medina