Ms. Andrews Embraces Being a Paraprofessional


In Mrs. Brewer’s classroom, paraprofessional Ms. Amber Andrews moves toward a student, smiles, and asks if he needs any help. She then works one on one with him on the task.

Before Kimmons, Ms. Andrews was an early childhood educator for children ages 3 to 5 at Children’s Paradise. She also worked with 6th through 12th grade students at Union Christian Academy. Currently, Ms. Andrews is taking classes from Western Governors University to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Special Education Mild to Moderate.

What Ms. Andrews likes best about Kimmons is the atmosphere.

“I honestly feel at home here,” Ms. Andrews said.

Subbing throughout the FSPS district inspired Ms. Andrews to become a special education paraprofessional.

“Eventually, I became a long-term substitute in the Special Education department here and knew almost immediately I didn’t want to be anywhere else,” Ms. Andrews said. “After taking and passing the Praxis exam, I was officially hired on to be a Raider.”

A favorite memory of Ms. Andrews is her Cheer girls coming to borrow eyelash glue. She also enjoys walking the halls and hearing her son’s friends say, ‘Oh, you’re Derian’s mom! “

“That always makes me smile,” Ms. Andrews said.

The biggest challenge for Ms. Andrews is transitioning from smaller aged to middle school kids and the age difference because she feared that she wouldn’t be capable of fitting into the secondary setting.

“The children are way taller than me,” Ms. Andrews said.

A surprising fact about Ms. Andrews is that she loves old school music and jazz.

“I listen to Luther Vandross and Brian Culbetson on a daily basis because it reminds me of my childhood and riding around listening to music with my daddy and sister,” Ms. Andrews said.

Outside of school, Ms. Andrews enjoys coaching cheer, spending time with her five children, attending all of their extracurricular activities which include drumline in the NHS band, football, basketball, soccer, and T-ball.

“We enjoy going to parks, lakes and family outings where they run wild and free,” Ms. Andrews said.