Coach Curry Expands Cross Country Team

As the sun beamed down and the wind blew through their jerseys, Cross Country runners controlled their breathing, kept a steady pace, and headed to the finish line. Parents and coaches shouted, “You got this!”

Even though the team only consisted of two athletes at the start of the season, Coach Curry grew the program to twelve. Most of the girls also played Volleyball. As part of their training, the runners sometimes had long runs to Sunnymede Elementary School. They also practiced sprinting, ran more than two miles a day, and put in a lot of mileage on the track.

The Cross Country season came with challenges, such as the Clarksville meet.

“It was my first ever meet, and I wasn’t fully prepared,” Izel Guzman Aroche said.

Mackenzie Rayford, 7th, agreed.

“It was hot and hard to get done,” Mackenzie said.

Jessica Nguyen, 7th, cited the annual Chili Pepper Cross Country Festival in Fayetteville as the greatest challenge.

“It was longer than all of the other meets, and the heat made it more difficult,” Jessica said.

Ty’Asia Holden, 7th, struggled at the first track meet.

“I had to run the 400 meter, and it was really hard,” Ty’Asia said.

Taleah Watson, 7th, believed the last meet of the season was the greatest challenge.

“There was water everywhere, more girls, and no one to guide you,” Taleah said.

Bad weather made Cross Country challenging for ANiya Thomas.

“We ran in the cold with rain and snow against girls who were way faster, but I am most proud of getting through the season with a positive attitude,” ANiya said.

Tatyanna Studs, 7, described running uphill as difficult.

“I kept losing my breath,” Tatyanna said.

Aside from the biggest challenges, the athletes also had their best moments.

“In most of our meets, we didn’t give up,” Izel said.

Even though the last meet was hard for Damian Riras, 8th, he PR’d.

“It felt like the best thing ever because I never stopped,” Damian said.

Jessica’s best moment was finishing all the meets.

“It would have been so simple to just give up, but I continued to motivate myself to do it,” Jessica said.

Addison Carter’s best moment took place at the City Championship meet.

“I am most proud of winning 5th place,” Addison said.

A proud moment for Taleah was following Coach Curry’s advice at the Trinity meet.

“I pushed myself and hardly walked,” Taleah said.

Izel appreciated how Coach Curry encouraged them to do their best and stayed positive.

“Coach Curry is strict, but she just wants the best for us,” Izel said.

Damian valued how Coach Curry made him train hard every day and never let him quit in practice or in meets.

“I feel like that is why she is such a great coach,” Damian said.

Coach Curry encouraged her runners to be competitive, patient, committed, and to push through even when tired.

“I am proud of each runners’ records and determination,” Coach Curry said.