Dr. Johnson, Teachers Get Pied for Student Council Fundraiser

Student Council hosted a Pie-in-the-Face fundraiser in mid April. At lunch, students donated money into envelopes for the teacher and administrator of their choice. They also voted in a poll for who they hoped would get pied. Dr. Johnson won for administrator and got pied by Kassidee Stewart.

Mr. Verge won for 8th grade teacher and got pied by Taira Nguyen.

“I shaved my head earlier in the year when I lost a bet with students, so winning a pie in the face is just another day in my life,” Mr. Verge said. “The pie was cold and delicious. I’m just glad it wasn’t shaving cream.”

Mrs. Freeman won for 7th grade teacher and got pied by Robert Kongta.

“I did not expect the whipped cream to find its way to my brain through my nostrils,” Mrs. Freeman said.

Ms. Turney won for 6th grade teacher and got pied by Essence Wilkerson.

“Winning felt amazing because in the words of the infamous Ricky Bobby, ‘If you ain’t first, you’re last,'” Ms. Turney said. “Also, I had no clue my students knew how much I loved whipped cream and pie, so the feeling of getting smashed in the face with something so delicious was just so rewarding!”

Student Council raised just under $90. The money will go toward a weekly incentive for students throughout May.

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Who do you hope wins the Pie in the Face contest?


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