Popularity of TikTok Continues to Grow


The short-form, video-sharing app Tiktok — widely known around the world — strives to provide all sorts of content to please its viewers including art, storytelling, and dance challenges.

“I like TikTok’s art feature because you can show a lot of emotion,” Vinh Tran, 8th, said. “I also like that you can interact with people all over the world.”

Making friends is a good thing to through TikTok since there are millions of users on the platform.

“I enjoy becoming mutual with people through the app, and that’s how I met my online best friend,” Kassidee Stewart, 8th, said. “I find it funny when my online friends do something dumb, and they document it through the app. I also like commenting on my friends’ posts, mostly for funzies.”

The widely-popular Storytelling feature consists of people sharing their experiences, both good and bad.

“I like hearing what other people across the world are going through, and how they are dealing with it,” Mandy Soukhaseum, 8th, said.

Through the Funny Meme Videos feature, people post things in order to get others to laugh.

“I love watching funny stuff because it entertains me when I get bored and cheers me up as well when I get sad,” Mayeli Alarcon, 8th, said.

The most popular genre, Trends, allows people to post dumb or cool challenges in order to go viral.

“I enjoy the Trends the most because of the sounds that people use and the type of videos they post with it,” Kellie Thongkham, 8th, said.

Whether it’s favorite celebrities, friends, or anime characters, Edits is quite popular.

“The Edits look cool and sometimes there are really fine boys,” Breelan Kendrick, 8th, said.

The School Drama feature is intriguing to students who enjoy exposing people online.

“Drama has so many stories of people’s broken relationships,” Steven Monterroza, 8th, said.

Some are not obsessed with the social media app.

“I dislike people oversharing weird stuff because it makes me uncomfortable,” Mandy Soukhaseum, 8th, said.