The Appeal of SnapChat and YouTube


From the comfort of his house, the teen posted a photo of himself at the beach to SnapChat for millions of people to see.

The United States has the most Snapchat users than any other country by far. The social media app is especially popular with teens because they can post short videos of themselves, add 3-D filters to photos, play games, and chat with friends. One addictive feature is Snapstreaks, which can go on for weeks.

Many students here like Snapchat.

“I like the spotlight feature for apps like TikTok, and it has a QR scanner that helps you add anyone as your friend,” Nelson Benitez, 8th, said.

Some like connecting with classmates.

“I can text my friends and see their story,” Arely Ruiz, 8th, said.

Aryss Chambers, 8th, enjoys being entertained throughout the day.

“You can snap your friends, keep high streaks, and take cute pictures with the filters,” Ayrss said.

Yazmine Moreno, 8th, likes the photo features.

“The filters make your skin look flawless,” Yazmine said.

YouTube is another popular app used daily. People listen to music, look for entertainment, and watch tutorials for things like cooking tips and learning dances. YouTube has channels for music of different cultures, TV for free movies and shows, Music, and Shorts for clips that creators make to entertain their followers and cure their

“You can search up anything, even dumb stuff like ASMR and slime,” Vinh Tran, 8th, said.