Personification: Power of Words

KC Bennett, Reporter

I start off hidden in a dark place putting pieces together, building myself up. I pull my details from the words that fly through the walls. It only takes a few quick silent seconds for me to get created. Once I’m made, I whisper through people’s ear. Sometime parts of me get taken and the secret changes. Sometimes I make people smile; sometimes I make people sad. I can also be cruel like a dark, evil, deadly spirit haunting a town. Once I pass through everyone’s ears and someone finds my true meaning, I evaporate like water on a foggy day.

After I get exposed, I run back to my tunnel and build myself up again. Then I find a new crowd to whisper through. I listen to the people mumble about what they’ve heard. They hiss like cats protecting their litters. As I whisper around *whoosh whoosh* I fulfill my purpose thinking about what I’ll be next.