Personification: Heartbreak


I am Heartbreak, and I know I can be tough, but I just make you better. I have been with the biggest people ever, but they all put me aside and forgot about me. You may put me aside, but I will always be right next to you. Just remembering you of the love of your life and how they hurt you. But you know it’s just for a good reason, so you can’t make the same mistake again and again. I just want you to always remember me and never leave me but you always do.

Males can handle me okay but never well as it always takes them a while. They may forget yet know they hurt someone or maybe even get hurt by someone. I think that males are the toughest to be right next to. They just push me away and never want to be with me. They may forget me, but they come back with someone new. They will find a new friend to stand by and talk to about him.

Female are almost always hurt by my presence, and they also leave me, but it can take them a while. I can be with them in the most common place they went to before, but they are always sad next to me. I hug them, but the they start crying harder. I think they will be okay until they just get hurt again, and I have to keep them company. I have always been with them more then anyone else, but they get past it and then forget.