Personification: Sadness


I come at your worst moment when the clouds turn gray for you. I make you cry when you can’t contain it anymore. You might deny my presence. I consume you and make you cry sometimes. When I’m here, it seems like the world has turned gray for you. Isn’t it like that? Like how you might feel nothing or numb?

You might fear me or you already know me. Sometimes I make you feel pain internally. You will want me to go away, but you see that sometimes I don’t. You might try to hide me behind a fake smile, but you know I’m here. I will make you feel like I can’t go away and maybe you are right. You might feel other emotions, but I’m the one that will make the strongest presence.

I am what makes you cry when you can’t contain me because you tried to ignore me. I might bring the worst out of you. I may make you weak until you somehow stand back on your feet. I will stop consuming you at some point and I will leave. I’m not with you forever, but I come at your weakest moments.

I make my strongest presence when I’m here, and you can’t take that. You might not want to tell people about me. You might will and you let me out, but rarely it happens. Almost everyone has felt me, and I make my presence known. I am sadness.