Personification: Happy


I am Happy, an emotion that is always filled with joy and excitement! I like to see people smile and laugh like they will pee their pants. Positivity is my special trait. When I am with Sadness, I try making it like me. Unfortunately, it gives me negativity instead.

I’m always happy when I’m with the people who I love and even care for people I hate since they are humans too. We’re always going to hate each other but secretly love each other as friends or family.

My favorite side of the brain has to be the right side. It has more creativity and is full of imagination. The left side is for smarties.

I hate when people use me to cover up problems. That’s a no no! At times, I’m weird like when I cried at Toy Story 3. I mostly cry out of joy like when someone surprised me with something very special or when I see something funny on Tik Tok.

When I see someone I love and they say “It’s been a long time since I laughed hard,” it makes my day. My favorite song is “Cause I’m happy.” It still rocks really hard.